Project Description

Daytona Beach Multi Phase Project

This multi-phase project consists of five phases all of which are now complete.  Additional photos including of this project can be found HERE.

Phase One – Retaining Wall

Phase one was a retaining wall we completed in late 2016.  The retaining wall runs between the residence and the Halifax River in Daytona Beach.  This retaining wall is approximately 90 feet long and engineered for an elevation difference of 6′ from front to back, creating a level space for an in-ground pool.  We used a special material to create a waterproof barrier on the dirt side.

Phase Two – Garage Addition

Phase two of this project is a three-car garage addition that connects to the residence via two small all-purpose rooms that were part of the original garage and workshop.  The garage addition was one of the more challenging parts of this project as we discovered a very old pipe running underground that was not on any of the surveys or printed easements.  This pipe is 24″ in diameter, runs from the road all the way to the river about 5’ to 7’ underground; we could not build on top of it.  This presented a problem because the garage addition design put directly on top of that pipe.  We redesigned the garage to avoid the pipe and still give the client the look and view they wanted.

The photos below show the dramatic change in the roof line of this house.  Both the architect and the engineer felt that on-site design build services were required so as construction was underway, our crew made decisions for the angles and elevations needed to pull the additions, garage and entry way phases together.

Phase Three – Rear Addition

Phase three is a rear addition that features a hard roof lanai and two rooms, a dining room, media room and a 20’ x 15’ hard roofed lanai that leads out to the pool area.  The rear addition design continues the existing open floor plan out to the pool.  The homeowners can enjoy the beautiful river front view from any room in the house.  The dining room features a tray ceiling and molding that the homeowner designed himself.  He brought his Massachusetts design flair to Daytona Beach!

Phase Four – Front Entry

Phase four of this project is a new front entry and foyer.  The original entry was a standard door with a step up.  There was not a foyer, the door opened directly into the living room.  We built a covered entry with stairs leading up to a landing, two columns and a new doorway leading into a spacious shaped foyer.  The new entry significantly changes the look of the residence.

Phase Five – Paver Driveway and Courtyard

As we were wrapping up phase four, our client decided they wanted to improve their existing driveway.  We installed pavers and created a driveway and front entry courtyard with built-in planters.  After the residence is painted, plants will be added to the new planters around the entry way and courtyard.

Project Details


Fall 2016 – Winter 2017


Retaining Wall
Garage Addition
Rear Addition
Front Entryway
Driveway and Courtyard


Daytona Beach, FL  32118


Sawgrass Plantation Enterprises

Photo Gallery
Retaining Wall
View of retaining wall.
Garage Addition
Side view of garage addition in progress. 
Garage Addition
View of driveway in progress. 
Roof Line
Original roof line.
Roof Line
Roof line view from rear of residence.
Roof Line
Roof line view from front of residence.
Roof Line
Aerial view of finished project.
Roof Line
View of rear additions.
Roof Line
View of new entry.